Fifty-Six Counties is a radio program hosted by Russell Rowland, author of the book Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey. For the book, Rowland traveled to every county in Montana and interviewed the people there about what’s going on around the state, while also researching the history to find the parallels and patterns.

The radio program is an extension of this conversation, with Rowland interviewing people from all over Montana to find out how Montana has shaped them, and what they’re doing to shape Montana.

Have a story to tell? We’d love to hear it.

Listen to Episodes on Yellowstone Public Radio:

Inspired by the book:

56 Counties: A Montana Journey

A native Montanan and an applauded novelist (“In Open Spaces,” “High and Inside”), Rowland spent the better part of a year studying and traveling around his beloved home state, from the mines of Butte to the pine forests of the Northwest, from the stark, wind-scrubbed badlands of the East to the tourist-driven economies of the West. Along the way, he considered our state’s essential character, where we came from, and, most of all, what we might be in the process of becoming.

Have a story to tell?

If you have a story that you’d like to share about you or your family, 56 Counties would love to hear it. We will be sharing some of these stories on our website, and Russell is also looking for possible interviews for the radio program, so please share 500 words or less about YOUR county.

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